Star Wars Day Giveaway! 

Two weeks from today is May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. On that day I will be randomly selecting THREE winners from a list randomizer, which will contain the URLs of whoever reblogs this post. There will be three categories of items to choose from:

Category 1
Star Wars AT-AT American Apparel T Dress (Size Large)
Boba Fett Tunic Tee (Size Large)

Category 2
R2-D2 iPhone 4 Decal Skin
Boba Fett iPhone 4 Decal Skin

Category 3
Vintage Star Wars Episode I Pinback Buttons
The Jedi Path (Hardcover book)

The first person picked will get to choose one item from each category (giving them three items). The second person will get to choose two items from what is left. The third person will receive the last item (sorry if you end up disliking it, but free Star Wars stuff is better than no Star Wars stuff!)

**To keep things fair and from getting crazy, I will only count your name FIVE different times (if you choose to reblog it that many times), and no more than that.** You do NOT have to be following me to win. This giveaway is just for fun, to support our favorite franchise, and to add some extra happiness to Star Wars Day! If you are confused or have any questions, feel free to message me.

May the fourth be with you! :3 

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04/20/12 at 10:31pm
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